Partnering Singapore Cancer Society 2023

On 25 July 2023, GEAR partnered with Singapore Cancer Society to sponsor and host about 50 guests from the New Voice Club and Walnut Warriors Support Groups on an outing to S.E.A. Aquarium. GEAR’s employees volunteered their time for this meaningful activity and hosted the cancer survivors and their caregivers for lunch after the event.

Our guests had expressed their gratefulness towards GEAR’s sponsorship. This was mutual with us being thankful for the new friendships formed as well as the opportunity to be able to encourage and journey with one another from all different walks of life.

BreadWalk 2022

On 16 November 2022, GEAR did a BreadWalk in Chinatown, distributed bread and spread to 130 beneficiaries, and used the opportunity to check on their well-being.

BreadWalk is done twice a month by Yong-en volunteers to ensure the beneficiaries have some supplementary aid and as a way to check in on the welfare of seniors in the community.

Support Active Aging

In support of Yong-en’s good work, GEAR donated S$14,000 via in September 2022 into Yong-en’s Shoot for the Moon Fundraiser. This campaign is approved for Toteboard’s Enhanced Fundraising scheme where funds raised will be matched 40%. On 29 September, GEAR organized a Tea Dance session at Yong-en Active Hub (YEAH!), led by Coach Aleena from Sunny Low Dancers. This interactive session saw 18 active seniors learning and dancing cha-cha together with GEAR staff! The afternoon was concluded on a high-note with a birthday celebration and catered refreshments from Chinatown!

YEAH! was established in 2019, to encourage seniors to adopt an attitude of ‘boundless age’ and embrace the process of ageing as well as fight frailty. These recreational and life-long learning activities promote psychosocial and cognitive health and GYM TONIC, physical wellness. Members bond through shared experiences of serving one another, the community and purposeful play.

Environmental Sustainability Scholarship

In December 2021, GEAR made an endowed gift donation of S$500,000 to the Singapore Nanyang Technological University for the establishment of the Golden Energy and Resources Environmental Sustainability Scholarship. The purpose of this gift is to challenge and inspire students to see sustainable future solutions, with emphasis on considering the economic, social, and environmental impacts of the world’s energy and resources industries and providing innovative sustainability solutions thereto.

Fresh Food Distribution 2021

GEAR pioneered the Fresh Food Programme for Yong-en Care Centre in our fourth year of support. We increased our donation to provide fresh food to 140 eligible households in Chinatown. Adhering to safe distancing measures, the staff at GEAR were split into two groups to volunteer over two days. We supported the local community in Chinatown by purchasing fresh groceries from the wet market stalls, packed and distributed the fresh food to the residents. We also allocated part of our donation to refurbish selected households.

Food Distribution 2020

In our third consecutive year, GEAR continued our support for Yong-en Care Centre by donating food for eligible households in Chinatown. Due to safe distancing measures, the staff at GEAR were split into two groups over two days to pack and distribute the food to the residents.

Food Distribution 2019

On 12 December 2019, GEAR donated food and daily necessities to Yong-en Care Centre and the staff at GEAR volunteered to pack and distribute over 100 bags of items to the residents in Chinatown.

Plant-A-Tree Programme 2019

On 25 May 2019, GEAR donated 10 trees in support of Garden City Fund to contribute to the greening of our City in a Garden by planting trees.

Bread and Food Distribution 2018

We had a wonderful time packing and distributing food packets to the residents of Chinatown through our partnership with Yong-en Care Centre.