Within the Organisation, this commitment is translated into cultivating the values of openness, integrity and accountability amongst all GEAR employees. GEAR has a Whistle-blowing Policy to ensure that arrangements are put in place to allow whistle-blowers (including employees and non-employees) to raise concerns over a breach of these standards, highlight incidents of malpractice or wrongdoings within the Company or the Group.

This Policy applies to any wrongdoing or suspected wrongdoing/fraud involving employees as well as GEAR’s business associates including consultants, vendors, contractors and/or any other parties with a business relationship with GEAR.

In line with this commitment, dedicated communication channels have been established and the available communication channels to choose from are as follows:

Communication Channels to Audit Committee Chairman

Email: acchairman@gear.com.sg
Postal Address: 20 Cecil Street
#05-05 PLUS
Singapore 049705