Mr. Djuangga Mangasi Mangunsong

Mr. Djuangga Mangasi Mangunsong was appointed as an Independent non-Executive Director of the Company on 18 January 2018. He does not have any relationships including immediate family relationship with the Directors, the Company or its 10% shareholders as defined in the Code. Mr. Mangunsong was re-elected to the Board on 30 April 2018.

Mr. Mangunsong has many years of experience in the mining industry. He is a Director of PT Tambang Mas Sangihee, the Vice Chairman of PT Indo Minerba Insani (Indonesian Mining Institute), a non-Executive Director of PT Media Bakti Tambang (Tambang Magazine) and member of the Working Group on Energy and Mineral Resources of Indonesia’s National Committee for Economy and Industry.

Mr. Mangunsong holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Mining Engineering from the Bandung Institute of Technology.